The best shoes for pregnant women

2021-11-13 07:14:47 By : Mr. xiaowei li

If we proceed in our own way, my hunch is that most pregnant women will choose not to wear shoes at least during the second half of pregnancy. Everyone’s experience is different, but those months are usually characterized by swollen feet, sore legs, and increasing discomfort, especially in the lower extremities.

Although some days I can do this-free writing certainly has its benefits-but it is still important to have a pair of shoes suitable for running errands, going out for dinner, walking the dog, baby shower, coffee date, etc. (Running, the activity I choose, needs special shoes to consider.)

My main requirements for shoes these days are comfortable, relatively cute and easy to put on and take off. Trust me: this is not the time to use a lot of shoelaces, ties, buckles or shoulder straps. Here are my current (or recently pregnant friends) trusted network and the six pairs I recommend to other mothers who are making:

Miller Cloud by Tory Burch

Tory Burch's Miller Cloud is not cheap, at $228 per pair, but it is a gorgeous shoe that provides unexpected comfort. A friend who received them as a gift during pregnancy called them "very comfortable and supportive." I noticed that she still wears them often almost 18 months after the birth of her little daughter, which can only be a good sign.

Miller Cloud is lightweight and ergonomic, with a leather upper, rubber sole and leather-wrapped dual-density foam insole. The iconic Tory Burch logo forms the main part of the strap and is the fashionable cherry on the top. Choose between ivory, red, brown and black. When you want to add a nice touch to any outfit, you might as well wear them.

If you still want to enter the office or classroom, or have other needs that require an apartment, then Starling by Xiaoniao is a good choice. Depending on the model, the price of this shoe ranges from US$95 to US$140. This is my sister's first choice when she is pregnant with her first child and works in a law firm every day. When I told her that I was doing this review, it was also her highest recommendation.

Starling has three classic colors (black velvet, cheetah calf leather and latte suede), and four seasonal products (blue glitter, light pink glitter, black glitter and woven yellow). Some models are vegan, if you wish, they all have a 10mm heel and non-slip rubber sole, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For women with particularly swollen feet, remember that black velvet has two widths: medium and wide. 

Wicked Good Moccasins of LLBean

People who work from home, do I have a secret for you: LLBean’s Wicked Good Moccasins, which is worth $79. Unless I am barefoot, I can almost guarantee that these moccasins will warm my feet when I cook, tidy up, or work in the home office. I really liked them before I got pregnant, but now I am in the last eight weeks and I like them very much.

Wicked Good Moccasins are made of sheepskin. The sheepskin is naturally warm and can absorb moisture from the feet. There is a layer of thermoplastic rubber on the outside. As the name suggests, they are so comfortable-so much so that LLBean claims to sell a pair every 7 seconds during the peak sales period in December. Choose from seven colors (black, maroon, light brown, light blue, dark brown, red, and tan), choose wide if needed, and plan to wear these moccasins throughout the winter. 

To be honest, what can't a pair of worn-out Birkenstocks do? I traveled the world in my clothes for a year and continued to wear their substitutes every day. A friend’s first son had just turned one year old, and he agreed. "I have been wearing/wearing my Birkenstocks!" She said of her favorite style, Arizona, which sold for less than $100. Like other women wearing her shoes, she appreciates that she can choose between regular/wide and medium/narrow.

As the most classic of all Birkenstocks, the Arizona style comes in two colors: stone and mocha. It has two straps (which rarely require adjustment), a lightweight structure, and an arched supporting cork footbed that can fit any foot. Like all other models of the German brand, they are comfortable, durable, reliable and durable. 

LUFFYMOMO non-slip double button slippers

You may have noticed that in the past year or so, the rubber-looking version of Birkenstock Arizona has become more and more popular. I'm here to tell you that both genuine leather and cheaper EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) have room in your life-especially considering that you can get a pair of the latter from LUFFYMOMO (or some other competitor) ) Less than $20.

Both my sister and I think these double buckle slides are winners for pregnant women. Not only the price is unbeatable, but also spacious, comfortable and versatile, it is very suitable for rainy walks, beach trips, changing rooms, etc. Once you have decided on the 34 colors and patterns they offer. You can think of these as your kicking sandals without worrying about keeping them clean or dry.

Hanna leather block heel mules by Vince

High heels are usually not the best choice of shoes for pregnant women, but sometimes they are just necessary. Before I went to the wedding in the second trimester of pregnancy, I tried various models to find the part that was enough for me to dance at night, when I always put on flat shoes. A pair of Vince mules not only pierced that night, but they were comfortable enough to be worn on all other occasions in the past seven months.

Although the exact model I bought is no longer available, Vince's Hanna leather chunky-heeled mules are a good choice (although the price is higher, $325). They have a 3.5 inch thick heel-easy to walk and high enough, open toe, leather lining and wide enough upper. Nude color can match almost any outfit, and the whole shape is versatile enough to dress up or dress up.