This low-key promotion brings Hollywood winter boots as low as $69

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'This is the season to wear as many people as possible while stuffing thick knitted socks into a pair of Ugg boots. If you are Selena Gomez, you can even take a furry dog ​​with you as an extra layer of warmth. Everyone is doing this, and if you have not prepared winter wardrobe supplies, we have good news. The low-key sales website Rue La La quietly discounts some of the best winter boots and slippers on the market. Yes, miraculously, Ugg is included.

But Ugg is not the only star of Rue La La's latest major winter price cut. And Sorel, it's Oprah's favorite winter boots. Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie are also fans of the brand, and now you can buy a pair of Sorels at Rue La La for less than $80 (just use your email to register for free to get a discount). Oprah likes that the brand makes practical, durable boots that feel like a hybrid between sneakers and suitable boots. Although it does not include her favorite style, Kinetic Conquest, there is Slimpack III Hiker, which feels very similar. When trekking in the snow, it will complete its work, which is a guarantee.

Ugg's trading volume is also large, and its popular moccasin slippers start at $69. There are also classic suede slippers for $80, celebrity favorite Ugg Oh Yeah for $80, and durable Greta suede boots for $100.

Considering that celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, who likes Ugg Tazz mules, and Selena Gomez, who works overtime to bring back Ugg wedge boots, can’t stop wearing Uggs, it's a good idea to invest in a pair now. There was a notorious Ugg shortage last winter, and you can't get a pair. Undoubtedly, as the temperature continues to drop, the appeal of wearing Uggs anywhere and everywhere is soaring, and finding them discounted must be a challenge.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, everything will be delivered before Christmas, and Rue La La currently offers a five-day free shipping service. The promotion will end in 17 hours, so please act quickly and make Oprah proud.

Before the sale ends tomorrow, buy the best Ugg and Sorel offers below at Rue La La.

Ugg Classic Gem leather mini boots, $100 (original price $170)

Ugg Greda suede boots, $99 (original price $150)

Ugg Oh Yes slippers, 80 USD (original price 100 USD)

Ugg Mini Bailey Bow Glimmer Suede Boot, US$99 (original price US$160)

Ugg Suede Classic slippers, 80 USD (original price 100 USD)

Ugg Classic Short Sequin Leather-Trim Boot, 100 USD (original price 190 USD)

Ugg Bella II suede moccasin slippers, 69 USD (original price 120 USD)

Sorel Slimpack III Hiker leather and suede boots, $76 (original price $180)

Sorel Cate lace leather boots, $99 (original price $190)

Sorel Kinetic Impact Strap leather sneakers, $106 (original price $140)

Sorel Cate lace leather boots, $110 (original price $190)

Sorel Cate Chelsea leather boots, $100 (original price $175)

"When we first launched this boot, it sold out immediately, and it was no surprise that it had a long list of features."

Pick a pair for you and the people on your list. They are great gifts!

Selena Gomez’s favorite black UGG boots are 20% off on Amazon. They are comfortable and stylish, and are an affordable gift for yourself or your loved ones.

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One pair is $50 off.

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