mahabis slippers significantly expand the American autumn and winter men's and women's collections with new silhouettes, playful colors and limited-edition holiday styles

2021-11-13 07:14:53 By : Ms. Kelly Chan

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The new "Alto" slipper boots made of recycled wool will be unveiled on October 25; Lux Holiday will arrive in November this year

London, October 18, 2021/PRNewswire/- Building on its success in the UK, mahabis is the creator of environmentally friendly high-quality slippers for men and women. Bold and bright colors and limited edition holiday series. Relying on the trend of working at home and the increasing demand for casual and comfortable clothing, the mahabis autumn and winter collection has developed into more than 30 colors and fabrics in 5 categories: new slippers, curves, classics, breathable and mules. Available at and, mahabis slippers range in price from US$109 to US$190.

mahabis is known for its beauty, well-designed, simple shape, modern manufacturing and its iconic bold color rubber sole, which can easily transition from the living room to the backyard.

Iain Martin, CEO of mahabis, said: “As consumers adjust to the new work/life balance and desire a new look, this expansion in the United States is just right.

"They are looking for unique styles, happy colors and versatility that suit their current lifestyle. Our designers carefully considered factors that resonate with everyone, whether it is practicality for busy mothers or suitable for creativity People's bright colors and design-banker's back style. Our mission is to provide consumers with a unique, high-quality slippers, provide a wide range of products, suitable for those seeking daily solutions, after the holiday party comfort or work at home People who are always delicate and comfortable things."

The new mahabis alto is priced at $190 and will be launched on October 25th. It is the ultimate slippers for every indoor adventure. Alto's slim profile and attractive length create the appearance of Chelsea boots, with the cushioning and comfort of slippers. Because the high-quality PU footbed has arch support, consumers will feel the support from heel to toe.

Martin continued, "We adopted the most comfortable shoes in the world-slippers-and broke the rule book by creating something practical and beautiful, and represented a place that has become the center of everyone-welcome home."

The curve is available in a variety of bright colors, priced at $130, designed for design and comfort. The sole adopts an arc design to protect the toes from abrasion, and is machine washable, which is both practical and durable. Taking the earth as the design concept, Curve's upper is made of recycled felt and 100% organic Italian wool, from Bigagli, a 50-year-old factory near Florence, Italy. This ReWoolyTM felt, certified to a global recycling standard, contains at least 50% recycled wool fibers, which come from clothes that were previously landfilled.

In addition to midrange and curves, mahabis also has classics, breath and mules. The classic model features a high-quality felt upper, a soft fleece lining, a supportive neoprene heel bracket, an adaptable foam footbed and an iconic hybrid sole. The mule has all the characteristics of a curve, but has a relaxed backless style. The lightest styles are breathable Tencel fabric uppers, cork footbeds and EVA soles made of corn flour, which are perfect for warm months and climates.

During the festive season, mahabis will launch special edition party styles, including stylish black sequins, gold-plated pony styles and festive red embossed Alcantara slippers.

Creating beautiful footwear for families with minimal impact on the environment is one of the brand's biggest goals in the future. In the past 18 months, it has made significant progress in reducing its carbon footprint by manufacturing products in Portugal, planting a tree for every tree sold, offsetting the carbon footprint of employees, and introducing fully recyclable packaging. As the program develops, the brand hopes to introduce more details about its sustainability commitments.

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